Small Groups every Sunday @ 9:30a
We all desire to belong and be known by others—God created us for community. As you are a participate in holy community you will be fulfilling your role in God’s story. 
Through small groups we help you pursue holiness in friendships as you share the gospel together. Made up of men and women from all stages of life, these groups meet Sunday mornings for prayer, fellowship, care, and building up one another in love.
The Welcome Desk is located at the intersection of the entry halls.  The welcome team will help you find the group for you.
Adult Small Groups
Adult Small Groups meet in various rooms within the Fellowship Hall area. We have 10 small groups varying in ages and class size.  Feel free to join any groups and find the best fit you.
Children & Youth Small Groups 
Babies and Toddlers first floor of Educational Bldg.
2 & 3 Yr. Olds first floor of Educational Bldg.

Beginners (preK-1st grade) second floor of Educational Bldg., 207

Younger Children (2nd-4th grade), second floor of Ed. Bldg. Room 205

Older Children (5th-6th grade), second floor of Ed. Bldg., Room 206

Students/Youth (Grades 7-12), first floor, just right of the offices in the Fellowship Hall